Teaser Scènes d’été 2014

Clip The Train is Rolling

Clip du concert des dix ans

Cover Blame it on the boogie

Choeurs d’enfer !!!
(session record deuxième album, petit souvenir de la rue Labirat)

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  1. caplis

    Hola , hallo, hello

    unfortunately I don`t speak french
    I`m the producer of a radio show called Radio Pirata, dedicated to promote Ska and Reggae from all over the world.
    Recently a good friend sent me a couple of good songs Train`sTone and now I want More and More!!
    I live in Caracas, Venezuela and this radio show have more than 23 years on the air (it is broadcasted every saturday afternoon (6 pm local time, which could be at 11 pm in France)
    I`m also the bass player of an old venezuelan ska band called Desorden Publico.
    The main reason of this mail is to ask you if there is a chance for you to send us a promotional copy of your newest cd and maybe the one where there is a cover of the Jackson`s five Blame it on sunshine?..
    we promise to play it on our radio show and also in two or three other radio programms of our country..
    Let me know if this is possible and I`ll send you my postal address, (maybe in Germany, to a friend`s house)


    1. viginticentum Post author

      Of course we can send you a promotional album
      give us an address.

      it will be a pleasure for us to share our music with people from Caracas